Museum of Polimlje

Polimski muzej

The Museum of Polimlje in Berane was established in 1953, as a regional museum of complex type for the territory of Gornje Polimlje: Berane, Plav, Andrijevica, Rožaje and Bijelo Polje.

The building housing today’s Museum was built in early 20th century for the needs of Teetotal Youth and Falconers’ Society.

The Museum holds the following collections: archaeological, ethnographic, artistic, numismatic, heraldic, nature and the collection of photographs. According to the current records, these collections hold more than 4,500 items. The Museum of Polimlje holds an expert library of some 3,000 books.

The archaeological collection holds weapons, tools, ceramics and ornaments from the Neolith, Illyrian and Roman times. The holdings include valuable material from the Neolith site of Beran-krš. The figurines and ceramics of various shape and decoration show that the culture from this site is similar to the Vinča culture. Some elements from the Coast may also be noted, a distinctive feature of the Neolith in Polimlje. The Early Christian plaques from the church in Budimlje are also interesting. The Illyrian Era is presented by various items of weapons and tools. The particular value of the archaeological collection is presented by thirteen amber items depicting hunting scenes in Lisijevo polje.

The Museum in Polimje holds a chainmail tunic found accidentally near Berane, at the place called Donja Ržanica. It weighs 18.5 kg, and it is presumed to date back to the Crusaders’ times.

The Museum displays several Roman tombstones with preserved inscriptions, remnants of medieval heating pipes, frescoes from the monasteries of Ćelije and Študikova.

The ethnographic collection also holds some valuable items: national costumes, ornaments, manufacturing tools and items related to daily life of the local population. The display holds

the works of distinguished academic painters from Berane.

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