Regional Museum of Bijelo Polje

Zavičajni muzej Bijelo Polje

The Regional Museum in Bijelo Polje was founded in 1957. The museum building is a monument of culture in itself, built from 1889 to 1905 for the needs of a ruždija (secular secondary school). After the liberation of Bijelo Polje from the Turkish domination in 1912, this building housed the State Real-Gymnasium. After World War Two it was put to various purposes until eventually being given to the Homeland Museum in 1957.

The Museum was designed as a mixedtype institution aimed to collect and present movable monuments from the territory of the Bijelo Polje municipality. The holdings are categorised into collections: the archaeological, ethnographic, historic, artistic, numismatic and the collection referring to the People’s Liberation Struggle.

As for exhibitions, there is a permanent display providing an insight into the political, military, economic and cultural history of the Bijelo Polje area, divided in several thematic units.

The archaeological collection contains the exhibits from the Neolithic, then the Ancient Era and Middle Ages. It includes the finds from the Neolithic site of Bijedići, a preRomanesque pillar from Majstorovina, an axe of the Montenegrin-Albanian type, a Roman plough and mediaeval weapons, as well as mining tools from the Brskovo mine.

The ethnographic collection abounds in various belts, buckles, national costumes, numerous personal items and ornaments. The interior of the urban house in Bijelo Polje has been reconstructed in one part of the Museum.

The historic collection has at display: personal weapons, flags, written documents from the period of liberation from the Turkish domination, Balkan Wars and World War One and Two. The numismatic collection holds coins in circulation in these areas. The greatest value is attached to a medieval coin minted in Brskovo.

The Museum display holds some selected works of painters from Bijelo Polje, as well as the copies of works of famous Lazović family of painters.

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