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A’ Museum is a private museum, located at the area with lots of antique dealers – Sheung Wan. The founder, Mr. Chan Kong Hoi is a financial expert who loves to collect ancient ceramics. The items shown in the museum are mainly the collection of Chinese ancient ceramics, especially the famous ware from Song and Yuan Dynasties, which are worth appreciating.

China has a long history and splendid culture, and it also influences the culture of neighboring countries. Neighborhoods such as Vietnam, India, Thailand, South Korea and Japan, their history and culture are also deeply influenced by the Chinese culture. In recent years, China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” is promoted to inherit the cultural at the Silk Road. Our museum also displays ancient ceramics of countries which influenced by Chinese culture, and with the “Belt and Road Initiative” concept, the Chinese culture could be further promoted.

Under the care of our professional consultant team, a professional tour guide service could be provided for all our visitors.

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