Natural History center of Serbia Svilajnac

Prirodnjački centar Srbije Svilajnac

The Natural History Center of Serbia in Svilajnac represents a blend of science, education, entertainment and tourism in one place, in a very specific way. Such a concept makes it unique in this part of Europe. The goal is that the center becomes the scientific core of the region that will bring together scientists and researchers from the country and the world who would through various activities, exchange the knowledge and their experience and come up with new scientific discoveries and results in the field of natural sciences. Also, with its attractiveness and popularity of world proportions, it is becoming the center of entertainment and one of the most visited tourist destinations in Serbia. Its attractiveness lies in the unity of the large exhibition space and entertainment dino-park in the open. Experts from the Natural History Museum in Belgrade, the Faculty of Mining and Geology of the University of Belgrade and the curators of the Natural Science Center of Serbia in Svilajnac participated in the development of all the items.

Exhibitions and events

The World of Dinosaurs

Permanent exhibition

The exhibition  "The World of Dinosaurs"  is located in the central part of the building. The paleontological setting consists of seven skeletons of different types of dinosaurs, which in a...

The world of minerals and rocks

Permanent exhibition

The exhibition  "The world of minerals and rocks"  presents the minerals and rocks from which our planet was built. In addition to minerals and rocks that are characteristic of Serbia, the...

Biodiversity of Serbia

Permanent exhibition

The exhibition  "Biodiversity of Serbia"  represents the richness of the flora and fauna of our country. All types are original and made with special preparatory methods. They are located...

The Volcano

Permanent exhibition

The exhibition  "Volcano"  is located in the park of the Natural History Center of Serbia in the model of "real" volcano, about 10 meters high. In the interior of this volcano there is a...

Educational programs

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