Diocesan Museum Barbastro-Monzón

Museo Diocesano Barbastro-Monzón

The Diocesan Museum of Barbastro-Monzón is located in the city of Barbastro, the capital of the Somontano Region (Huesca, Aragón). It is hold in the historic Episcopal Palace that was erected next to the Cathedral, a splendid example of sixteenth century architecture. 

The Museum is distributed over three levels, connected vertically through a wide-open central hall. A large skylight is the main source of natural light into the building.

The renovation of the old palace has transformed the interior of the Renaissance building into a stimulating contemporary space. The purity of the architectural lines and the neutral tones of the materials allow the viewer to focus on the art masterpieces and the light that bathes them.

The Museum holds a diverse collection of works of art from various localities throughout this Diocese, which covers a wide part of the eastern zone of the province of Huesca. A walk through its halls allows the visitor to take a journey through the last millennium of Western art. The collection is particularly rich in works from the Romanesque to the Baroque.



Exhibitions and events

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Educational programs

Taller de Iconografía


Es una actividad de descubrimiento del arte y de sus significados. En el pasado, una buena parte de la población era analfabeta, de ahí que la imagen se convirtiera en el principal vehículo de...

Construyendo una Catedral


La construcción de un templo catedralicio era un proyecto de gran envergadura, ambicioso, complejo técnicamente y en el que intervenían multitud de trabajadores: canteros, aprendices, oficiales,...

Mi 1ª visita al Museo


Presentamos qué es un Museo. Trabajamos los hábitos y actitudes en el Museo. Trabajamos la observación. Nos familiarizamos con algunas obras del Museo, sus técnicas y soportes. Comprendemos que...


We don't have anything to show you here.

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