Regional Museum of Herceg-Novi

Zavičajni muzej Herceg-Novi

The building of the museum is the foundation of Mirko Komnenovic, who bequeated it to the town of Herceg-Novi by his will from 1940. in which was expressed his wish that this building serves as the town museum.

In 1949, the National Museum of Herceg-Novi was established and in 1953, was solemnly opened in the house of Mirko Komnenovic. Later it became the Regional Museum of Herceg Novi. His house, today the museum building, was built toward the end of 18th century in the late-baroque style. The appearance of the building was changed in the 19th century with pseudo-baroque expansions and attached buildings. On the original door on the ground floor there are names of the Russian soldiers from 1807 during the wars with Napoleon, inscribed with bayonets. Building has been partially rebuilt in 1979, 1994, 1996. and 2001.

The Regional Museum consists of: the building and the very beautiful botanic garden with more than a hundred carefully chosen mediterranean and subtropical plants on the surface of 1000 square meters which is formed in the style of park. The very precious thing is the luxury of the various plants among those are numerous palm trees, agaves, cactuses, aloes which with their bizare forms of habitus, beauty and heterogeneous colours of their flowers enlive the ambiance during the four seasons. There are also various sorts of climbing plants, "pitosporums", coastal pine trees, mimosas, camellias, magnolias and the fragrant and medicinal mediterranean herbs.

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