Iranian National Museum of Science and Technology (INMOST)

Iranian National Science and Technology Museum (INMOST) is the key historical, scientific and cultural project. INMOST is the national tourist spot of important science education and leisure travelling base.

With the theme of “History of Science and Technology” demonstrated by modern digital and interactive methods, INMOST works for promoting scientific and cultural quality of the whole citizens and sharpening the comprehensive competitive edges of Iran.

Iranian National Science and Technology Museum currently has opened   6 thematic exhibition halls to the public. They are: Alternative Energy, Ancient Indigenous Technologies, Physics, Surgery and Astronomy Instrument, Communication and Science center.

The building, designed by French architect André Godard and completed in 1937, is one of the more attractive modern buildings in Tehran, blending Sassanian principles with art deco–style brickwork.


  • Improve the public understanding of science and technology
  • Shaping the future by preserving our heritage, discovering new knowledge, and sharing our resources with the world
  • Encourage inquisitiveness and curiosity.
  • Scientific communication with young inventors and those offering new ideas.


  • Discovery: Explore and bring to light new knowledge and ideas, and better ways of doing business
  • Creativity: Instill our work with imagination and innovation
  • Excellence: Deliver the highest-quality products and services in all endeavors
  • Diversity: Capitalize on the richness inherent in differences
  • Integrity: Carry out all our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability
  • Service: Be of benefit to the public

Exhibitions and events

Science center

Permanent exhibition

Science is a part of society’s culture. Modern world is developing rapidly that has influenced human life greatly or has even changed it; for instance, sciences such as nanotechnology, genetics,...

Indigenous Technologies

Permanent exhibition

From ancient time, Iran has been the origin of indigenous technologies and each of these technologies is used as the base for modern technologies in other countries. Indigenous knowledge is one part...

Surgical instruments

Permanent exhibition

Surgical instruments exhibit demonstrates the advance of surgery in the Islamic civilization by reconstruction and demonstration of some of these instruments and their usage over time. These...

Alternative Energy

Permanent exhibition

Today we hear that fossil fuels must be replaced by clean energy.Clean energy implies, rather clearly, that the use of these energy sources creates less pollution (i.e. solar and wind energy).This...

Morse to Mobile

Permanent exhibition

Inclination to communicate with others is considered as one of the main human traits; it is perhaps due to this inclination that today, communication networks have transformed the world into a...

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Educational programs

Digestive show


Digestive show is a charming and short journey to the digestive system of human body for being familiar with various parts involved in the process of digestion. In this program digestion is...

Super-cooled science!


Super-cooled science! A fun and explosive show based upon the science of the amazing substance known as Liquid Nitrogen, one of the coldest substances known.   HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT? How cold...

Detective Science Games


Enjoy detective games and activities for kids that challenge you to solve a range of interesting CSI mysteries using science. Play the role of a secret agent in a number of important cases that test...

Science show


Physics, one of the knowledges of nature involves observing phenomena and interpreting them. Iran Science and Technology Museum presents wonderful science shows, the result of research covering more...



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