Njegoš Museum - Biljarda

Njegošev muzej - Biljarda

Biljarda, the former residence of Petar II Petrović Njegoš, built according to the design of Jakov Ozereckovski in 1838, is a place for the visitor to truly sense the time, circumstances and conditions in which the great Montenegrin Prince-Bishop, poet and philosopher created his most important works.

Over a whole century, the Montenegrins carefully preserved the legacy of Njegoš, to open a Memorial Museum in the bishop’s renewed residence in 1951.

The building used to have a ground floor and an upper floor with 25 rooms. The upper floor contained: “The Armoury”, Bishop’s bedroom, Bishop’s study, the Billiard Room, “People’s Office”, Njegoš’s secretary bedroom, a room intended for the senators and foreign visitors. The ground floor contained: Bishop’s kitchen, dining room with a fireplace, servant’s room and storage, dining room and “popular kitchen”. Our studies still do not provide us with a detailed and complete description of the interior of Biljarda. There exist such descriptions, though fragmentary and providing only a hint as to what the interior looked like. Weapons hung on the walls, as well as portraits of notable figures that Njegoš appreciated: Russian Emperors Peter the Great and Nikolay I, Napoleon, Friedrich of Saxonia, Karadjordje and Byron.

Text source: http://www.mnmuseum.org/Bil1e.htm
Foto source: http://www.mnmuseum.org/Gallery/HPIM4127.JPG

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