Museum of King Nikola

Muzej kralja Nikole

King Nikola’s Museum was founded in 1926, within the residence of the last Montenegrin ruler Nikola I Petrović Njegoš, in continuation of the tradition of collecting and carefully preserving the materials on the Montenegrin past. The construction started in 1863 and was completed around 1867. However, it is known for a fact that the original purpose of the building was to accommodate the widow and daughter of Prince Danilo. After Darinka left Montenegro, this residence obtained a new function. Members of the royal family moved from Biljarda to the new “palace”, as Montenegrins used to call it.

Over time, the royal residence underwent several important reconstructions. The most recent alterations took place on the occasion of celebrating the Golden Jubilee in 1910, when the building obtained its final appearance. The newly established State Museum (current King Nikola’s Museum) gathered the material from the Military Museum and the National Museum, the institutions created in the nineteenth century, as well as the entire preserved inventory from the Montenegrin dynastic residences. Thus, from the very beginning of its work, it gathered in one place the most important museum material on the political, military and cultural history of Montenegro that records the state-building developments in a continuous and complex manner, from the medieval beginnings to 1918, when Montenegro as an independent country disappears from the political map of Europe.

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