National Scouting Museum

Established in 1959, the National Scouting Museum is the official museum of the Boy Scouts of America. The museum is committed to preserving the rich, 100-year history of the Scouting movement by collecting, organizing, preserving and displaying some of Scouting's greatest treasures. This collection not only documents Scouting's unique influence on American culture, but also tells the story of a movement that has touched more than 110 million young people.

Exhibitions and events

Norman Rockwell Art Gallery

Permanent exhibition

The museum boasts the largest collection of Norman Rockwell Scout paintings under one roof. The collection includes the first Scout painting he created in 1918 as an illustrator for Boys’...

Interactive exhibits

Permanent exhibition

Interactive exhibits for old and young!  Enjoy our laser shooting gallery; race cars on the 8-lane pinewood derby track; try your hand at the rope-tying stations; put on a lighted helmet...

Educational programs

Merit Badge classes and Webelo Workshops


The 2nd Monday of each month, the museum posts the Merit Badge classes and Webelo Workshops that will be offered for the next few months.  Please go to the website for the most current listings...


Merit badges

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29. 05. 2015

National Scouting Museum works to preserve Boy Scouts’ documented past

National Scouting Museum

Boy Scouts of America has seen a lot of changes within its organization throughout its 100-year history. It’s up to one group of people at the National...

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