Jesuit Dallas Museum

The Jesuit Dallas Museum is a separately chartered, fully functional gallery and museum residing entirely within Jesuit Dallas. It is home to a 15 million dollar art collection. Its collections cover the visual arts including ceramics, painting, prints, kinetic and stationary sculpture and feature, among others, such well-known artists as Salvador Dalí and Dale Chihuly, as well as some pieces that were created by the artists especially for Jesuit. Such as the famous "Window" into Jesuit. It has been said to be one of the finest collections ever assembled at a secondary school.The Jesuit Dallas Museum is distinguished by the wide range and depth of its art collection. Major gifts and purchases have brought over 400 pieces to the school's corridors and courtyards. Internationally celebrated artists share space with a rich trove of Southwestern works. This important concentration of ceramics, kinetics, painting, prints, and sculpture is placed throughout the school complex. Works by Dali, Chihuly, and Pena are as likely to fill an alcove as Texas State Flags are to hug the walls of an intimate hallway.

A Momentum magazine article states:

"The effect of the presence of the art on the students has been nothing short of remarkable. There is a unique sense of pride and respect instilled in each student for "their" paintings. The faculty has become aware of bold uses of color and increased imagination in class assignments. Students gather to discuss why an artist may have chosen a particular color or theme for a work."

The museum is open to the public for tours of the permanent collection and special exhibitions. Volunteer docents guide visitors through the Jesuit Dallas Museum; admission is free. Tours are available between 09:00 and 14:00, when school is in session.

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