Selection 24

At the end of each year, the Aargauer Kunsthaus showcases the diversity of forms and themes in current regional art. The exhibition Selection 24 provides a fascinating insight into what is created throughout the year in the studios and workrooms of Aargau's artists.

Around 200 dossiers are submitted in the fall. The jury, jointly appointed by the Aargauer Kunsthaus and the Aargauer Kuratorium, can draw on the full range of possibilities when it immerses itself in the rich artistic production in the cultural canton of Aargau for the selection.

In cooperation with the Aargauer Kuratorium.

Guest artist: Victoria Holdt

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Collection 24

Temporary exhibition at Aargauer Kunsthaus until 27.10.2024

Art from Switzerland from the 18th century to the present day. A collection of over 20,000 works is a living, constantly changing organism: it is exhibited and stored, conserved and restored, and...

Watch the glacier disappear

Temporary exhibition at Aargauer Kunsthaus until 25.08.2024

The presentation is part of the Switzerland-wide exhibition project "Schau, wie der Gletscher schwindet". Mountains and glaciers characterize the Swiss landscape and the country's culture. It is...

Hugo Suter - Collection in focus

Temporary exhibition at Aargauer Kunsthaus until 25.08.2024

The focus shows a selection of works on paper, wall reliefs, installations and objects from the years 1970 to 2000 by Hugo Suter. There was a close connection between the Swiss artist Hugo Suter...

Pauline Julier. A Single Universe

Temporary exhibition at Aargauer Kunsthaus until 27.10.2024

Ready for a journey through space and time? The exhibition by Swiss artist and filmmaker Pauline Julier (*1981) is an intergalactic tour: Julier's multimedia works take us through the geological ages...


Temporary exhibition at Aargauer Kunsthaus from 03.09.2024

Re-MIX is a project of Fantoche, International Festival for Animated Film, and the Aargauer Kunsthaus. Carte blanche for animated film makers: They animate works from the Aargauer Kunsthaus. The...

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