Photo exhibition "Kisses" by Remigijus Ščerbauskas

In the exhibitions of its collections of devils, Antanas Žmuidzinavičius Creations and Collections Museum introduces works of the photographer on the topic of kisses, where the concepts of intimacy, confidence and love are highlighted. However, when being presented at this museum, the pictures acquire a different meaning when the author, with a wry smile, starts asking explicitly: “Damn, what do you think?”...

It is only at that time that we are required to switch to the verbal narrative, or to the phrases that everyone of us has already learned and which lurk in the depths of our subconsciousness as archetypal echoes which gradually start whispering some devilish words of love. Just don’t slip as you are kissing through a glass.

Remigijus Ščerbauskas is a photographer specializing in the field of street photography and the art of portraits. His eye persistently looks for individualized glimpses and the recording of instances of the daily routine. His artistic style shaped by creating monochrome studio portraits. After half-a-dozen years of work in a studio, he shifted to the genre of street of photography in search of the contemporary surroundings of the urban environment. Most of his works feature instances of the city life proceedings. Without halting the proceedings, without getting recorded, these instances would have only remained as some non-existent particulars of the flowing rhythm of the urban life. 

In 1996, Remigijus Ščerbauskas was awarded the Bachelor of arts degree at WICE Leeuwarden (the Netherlands). It was in 2007 when he actively started taking pictures of the urban life of Kaunas and other cities abroad by focusing on the genre of street photography. His pictures can be found at various internet galleries and websites (from Urban Street Photography or Streets In Color to Vogue). They are featured in the printed media, such as the magazines Schwarzweiss 115, Vision Libres URBAN POETRY, Inspired Eye Magazine, photography book WE STREETS Street Photography from around the Globe, as well as in all kinds of exhibitions.

Due to his ability to record life, the photographer has been given a variety of awards, such as the honorary diploma of Budapest International Photo 2019 awards, the first place in the competition The International Award Honoring Black and White Photography 11, the international award in the photography competition 11th Black and White Spider Awards. In 2021, he published his first photography book Teritorija Kaunas/gatvės fotografija (en. Territory Kaunas: Street Photography).

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