"Stories of the House"

The historical palace commonly known as the residence of the Presidents of Lithuania (1919–1940) has reshaped itself. Time portals will take you to seven epochs: the Governor’s Palace, the Ober Ost Commander’s residence, the Presidential Palace, the house of the Supreme Council Presidium, Nazi Headquarters, the Teachers’ House and the revived historical palace. The motley list of its residents and visitors includes Tsars, Kaisers, military commanders, artists and even a Pope! The palace is as if a crossroads of the history of Kaunas and entire Europe.

The new exhibition will surprise city residents and its guests: here, history can be seen, heard, touched, smelled…

Exhibition "Stories of the House" is accessible to a variety of audiences: a remotely operating guide compatible with tablets has been prepared in Lithuanian, English, Russian and German, in Lithuanian Sign Language and as a Lithuanian version for the blind. Visitors will be able to touch copies of the most interesting exhibits specially adapted for the blind and hear audio recordings. In 2022, accessibility will be expanded further: tactile schemes and an informative marking system will be installed, and comics will be designed for the young.

Visitors of broadest variety of interests are welcome.

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