Between the romanesque and baroque periods

The exhibition presents the area of the Šalek Valley from the first written mentions of the valley in the 12th century to the end of the 17th century, when its medieval society started to disappear. It represents a selection of the most important remains, left behind by a long period of 500 years. The exhibition consists of three parts: the sacral, the rural and the noble, which try to present the division of the medieval society.

In the sacral part, a reconstructed stone altar of St. Judoc from Paški Kozjak from the 17th century, three late gothic statues, sacral tableware and original frescos from the Švarcenštajn castle stand out among the exhibited items. The rural part of the exhibition is presented through the reconstruction of “Kavčnikova dimnica” (Kavčnik’s Smokehouse), while the noble part presents archeological findings and items for everyday use. The central part of the room is dedicated to the enlarged Vischer’s map from 1670, as well as to the model of the Šalek Valley, which presents the church and the castle network of the valley.

Exhibitions and events

The city that was called a miracle

Permanent exhibition

The collection displays the development of the city of Velenje from 1945 to 1960, when a modern organised city emerged from a small rural market under the Velenje Castle, the so-called “socialist...


Permanent exhibition

In 1964, extensive earthworks were made in Škale pri Velenju due to the sinking of the land. One of the engineers found remains of large bones. The excavations were carried out by the Institute of...

Umetniška zbirka Galerije Velenje/20. in 21. stoletje

Permanent exhibition

Stalna zbirka sodobne slovenske umetnosti šteje 64 slik in skulptur iz 20. in 21. stoletja in se je od leta 1975 sistematično dopolnjevala in večkrat prenavljala. Zajema dela sodobnega slovenskega...

Sculptor Ciril Cesar's permanent exhibition

Permanent exhibition

The exhibited works by the academic sculptor (and designer) Ciril Cesar  draw the developmental arch of sculpting design from the classic, formal and in terms of content non-problematic...

Old shop - Reconstruction of a shop with mixed goods from the beginning of the 20th Century

Permanent exhibition

The collection represents a reconstruction of a general merchandise store from the first half of the 20th century. The collection is equipped with original furniture from various shops: market...

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