Our Historical Monuments: Gulistan Castle

Let's Explore Our Historical Monuments: Gulistan Castle
Gulistan Castle, situated atop a steep rocky mountain in the northwestern region of Shamakhi city, stands as a significant historical relic. Once serving as the commanding stronghold and military fortification of the Shirvanshahs, the castle endured various adversities throughout history, including battles and earthquakes, resulting in its partial destruction. Today, the remnants of its towers, walls, and edifices bear witness to its storied past.
Precise records regarding the construction period of Gülüstan Castle, also known as Maiden's Castle among local residents, remain elusive. However, historical sources trace the first mentions of the Gulustan fortress back to the 8th century. According to accounts by the Arab historian Tabari, during an attack on Shirvan in 733-734, Muslim ibn Abd al-Malik captured and demolished the "Castle of Dukhteran." Subsequently, the Shirvanshahs undertook restoration efforts on the Gulustan fortress, only for it to face devastation again in 1123. A subsequent restoration was undertaken by Shahbanu, the sister of Shirvanshah II Manichohr, further emphasizing its significance.
In the early 16th century, during Shah Ismail Safavi's offensive against Shirvan in 1500, the Gulustan fortress played a crucial role as a formidable military stronghold. Over the centuries, this remarkable monument withstood the test of time, embodying the cultural heritage of the region.
In a commendable endeavor to preserve and reconstruct the architectural legacy of the Shirvanshah era, the Gulustan fortress received renewed attention in 2019. With the invaluable support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, an Austrian company conducted a thorough scanning of the castle's remains, resulting in the creation of a meticulous 3D model of the fortress.
To officially acknowledge its historical significance, the Gulustan fortress was granted state registration under Decision No. 132 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, dated 02.08.2001.

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