May 18 is the International Day of Museums/The Geological Museum of Azerbaijan

The Geological Museum of Azerbaijan was established in Baku in 1969, based on the personal collection of the prominent geologist Ivan Sitkovsky. The museum, operating under the Geological Department of Azerbaijan, is one of the largest museums in the country. It provides information on the geological history of Azerbaijan, as well as developments and innovations in the field.
The museum displays more than 5,000 rock, mineral, and crystal samples collected from all regions of the country, along with geographical maps, agricultural artifacts, various geological objects, and images related to Azerbaijan's oil and gas industry, energy potential, shipping, and marine ecosystem on interactive screens.
One of the most interesting sections of the museum is the "Culture and Minerals" section, which describes the characteristics of red, pink, and purple mineral samples through panels and diagrams showcasing different color qualities."

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