May 18 is the International Day of Museums/Nakhchivan Memorial Museum

Nakhchivan Memorial Museum
In the year 2000, the "Memorial" museum was established in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic with the aim of preserving the memory of the victims affected by conflicts in the territories of Azerbaijan. The museum seeks to commemorate those who lost their lives during various periods, including instances of mass genocide perpetrated by certain Armenian Dashnak groups. Additionally, it pays tribute to those who perished in battles fought for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.
The museum's exhibition is thoughtfully arranged in chronological order. It covers significant events such as the acts of mass genocide committed by the Armenian Dashnaks during 1905-1907 and 1918-1920. It also addresses the forced deportation of Azerbaijanis from their ancestral lands between 1948 and 1953, as well as the tragedies of January 20, 1990, and Khojaly on February 26, 1992. The exhibition features a wide array of exhibits, including photographs and personal belongings, which depict the challenges faced by our compatriots during the defense of our lands in the 1990s.

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