8 November - Victory Day

8 November - Victory Day
Today, November 8, is "Victory Day," the restoration of historical justice, which has left everlasting imprints in Azerbaijan's history.
Every year, November 8 is celebrated as Victory Day in Azerbaijan, according to a decree signed by President Ilham Aliyev "On the Establishment of Victory Day in the Republic of Azerbaijan." dated December 3, 2020.
Our seized regions were liberated from the enemy as a consequence of the Second Karabakh War, which began with the Iron Fist operation and lasted 44 days. Our "Karabakh" wound, which was earlier expressed in wishes and wishes, was healed thanks to the unbelievable bravery of our heroic soldiers and martyrs following on the orders of our VictoriousSupreme Commander-in-Chief. Azerbaijan's military triumphs, particularly the liberation of Shusha from the enemy, were crucial to the war's result. We are celebrating this triumph with great joy today, thanks to the Azerbaijani people's determination and will, their economic power, the development of a modern army, and the people's unity.
The 10th of November was a watershed moment in our country's history. The courageous Azerbaijani Army's victories in war forced Armenia to sit at the table. The trilateral declaration issued on November 10 by the Presidents of Azerbaijan, Russia, and The Prime Minister of Armenia confirms Azerbaijan's largest diplomatic triumph in its history.
Today, Azerbaijan has joined Karabakh, won a historic victory, avenged our martyrs, Khojaly victims, and innocent people who died during the genocides in Ganja, Barda, and other cities and regions on the battlefield, and demonstrated that Armenia deserves to be there.
Yes, we can proudly claim to be citizens of a victorious nation today. Every Azerbaijani is happy to be there at this historic win. That is why , we owe our gratitude to our successful army, which brought happiness and joy to our people. The memory of our martyrs who gave their lives for the sake of the homeland will live on in our hearts forever. Each of them is a true hero, a role model for future generations of bravery and fearlessness.

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