According to historians, Peter I laid the foundations of the large-scale resettlement of Armenians to the lands of Azerbaijan. This is also mentioned in the collection of documents “Russian Herald,” published in 1867 (Русский Вестник [1867]. Т. 68. [№ 3-4. Март-апрель], с. 596-597)..
Thus, Peter I clearly stated the importance of resettlement of Armenians in Azerbaijan, especially around Baku and in the center of Derbent. The goal was to use Armenians to create internal unrest and political tension for the implementation of the policy of the Russian Empire in the east and future occupation.
Source: “If Armenian traders, craftsmen and IDPs settle in Derbent and Baku next summer (God willing, we will take the areas) and if they accept them, they could be located in settlements near Baku and on the island of Asalin. … “.
Note: This is a painting depicting the arrival of Peter I to Derbent in 1722.

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