The Palestinian Museum signs a memorandum of understanding with Birzeit University

The Palestinian Museum signs a memorandum of understanding with Birzeit University

The Palestinian Museum and Birzeit University signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance the cooperation between them. It was signed at Birzeit University by Dr. Mahmoud Hawari, Director of the Palestinian Museum and Professor Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh President of Birzeit University, in the presence of representatives from the two parties.

The MoU refers to developing ways of cooperation between the Museum and the University in various aspects of museum and research work. Cooperation will be explored with Birzeit University Museum, Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies, Department of History and Archaeology and IT Department. Collaborative work will also include archives; especially that the Palestinian Museum is currently working on creation of a digital archive which will be available online for the students and public at large.

The memorandum also refers to providing various training programmes by the two parties for capacity building of human resources. The Palestinian Museum is planning to create a training programme in museum studies, which will be open to interested university students to develop their skills in the field, to organise joint programmes for exhibitions, activities, and to develop IT skills.

Dr. Mahmoud Hawari, Director of the Palestinian Museum, expressed his pleasure and pride for signing this memorandum. Dr. Hawari said that the location of the Palestinian Museum being close to Birzeit University, was from the beginning one of the founders’ key objectives in order to secure consistent cooperation with the university’s staff and students in various fields.

Professor Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh, President of Birzeit University, stressed the importance of this memorandum, especially at a time when the university has recently inaugurated the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music which could be considered as a major pillar of the infrastructure of the Palestinian cultural project. Abu Hijleh stated that having the Museum next to the University is a significant added value to the cultural and academic scene.

It is worth mentioning that the Palestinian Museum has been founded on four acres of land on Birzeit University campus, under a long-term lease.

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