The Palestinian Museum Signs an agreement with “Ommar El-Ard” for Waste Recycling

Building on its Green Building Legacy
The Palestinian Museum Signs an agreement with “Ommar El-Ard” for Waste Recycling

The Palestinian Museum, committed to Green Buildings Norms,  signed a partnership agreement with the Palestinian “Ommar El-Ard" organisation to recycle the Museum’s waste. The Museum is the first green building to be awarded the silver

The Agreement stipulates that “Ommar El-Ard” shall pick up the Museum’s waste (plastic, paper, glass, metal and other) weekly or as needed and shall deliver such waste to specialized factories and institutions for recycling and reuse in different forms.

Facilities Manager at the Palestinian Museum, Bashar Ammar, said, ‘the agreement promotes the Museum’s green practices. It is an addition to its role in supporting environmental organisations like “Ommar El-Ard.” He added that the museum’s role is not limited to such practices but also includes extending such green practices to other community-based organisations to encourage them sort waste and hand it to “Ommar El-Ard’ for recycling purposes.

“Ommar El-Ard” is a youth organisation focusing on environment safeguarding and waste recycling. Its Public Relations Officer, Sumaira Al-Qadi, reiterated the importance of this agreement describing it as “a positive trend to encourage other institutions embrace this idea and help raising awareness of environmental protection in the local community.”

It should also be noted that the Palestinian Museum applies international environmental protection practices, including reduction of annual water consumption by 37% and cuts on power consumption by 27%.

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