no diffrence between women and men in geological research

Dr. Fawaz Azki geological museum


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Dr. Azki has transformed his own house in the village of Kismin (20 km of Lattakia, Syria) into  the first geological museum in Syria during 2002.

The museum is divided into 2 museums:

The Open Air Museum:(surface 1500 m2).  It includes huge samples of all the rocks can be found in Syria. includes as well an embodiment of a herbivore dinosaur whose height is 7m and length 23m, and also an embodiment of Carnivore dinosaur whose height is 3m and length 5m, and an embodiment of the earth with diameter= 2m.and bird dinosaurs with length 4m. and Geological Syrian map with surface 13 m2 . and geological section between Lattakia in the west and Alghab valley in the east with length 11m and high 2 m . And sample of Syrian volcano (diameter of base 3m and high 3m) visitor of volcano can go inside volcano to see inside it some natural volcanic rocks.   

The interior Museum: it includes 7 sections:

    1-The Fossil section: representing all the   fossils   that can be found in Syria. 2- Minerals section: it includes minerals and ores, representing all the minerals of Syria and in the world . 3- Innate geology section: it includes some rocks tools which are handmade by ancient Syrian peoples before academic geological sciences. 4- Black hole section.5- Cave section: which it includes Stalagmites and Calamities.6-Rocks section: it includes all Syrian rocks(sedimentary and magmatic and metamorphic rocks).7- Museum library: it includes more than 1000 reference in English, Arabic, French, and Romanian languages, and many geological charts and maps for Syria, the most ancient  and important of which is the one drawn in 1945.

    The Museum contains another section devoted for the lab to examine and cut the samples, in addition to Internet, a hall for the lectures, a small kitchen, a bath and a room for the researcher to rest or sleep in    

 This museum aims at serving children, students, researchers, and all .

The museum has so far visited 740000 visitors

 And it worth mentioning here that Dr. Azki wishes that this museum would become a recognizable scientific, cultural and tourist site for the benefit of his own country, and he is in the process of erecting an astrological       on the top of the geological museum.

Etrance is free for all visitors, because AZKI opinion is:

" if I don’t add something to this universe, so I am something addition in it”



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prof.dr.eng. Fawaz Azki

Dr. Fawaz Azki geological museum ---

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no diffrence between women and men in geological research

Dr. Fawaz Azki geological museum ---

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