Journey of the Heart

Terms & Conditions
1.The “Journey of the Heart” retreat will be held over two days. The retreat includes all meals and accommodation (will be arranged by the monastery). Donations are welcomed. A cleanliness and maintenance fee will be charged for this activity.
2.Qualification for participation: One who possesses good mental health, is self-disciplined, and can abide by rules.
Ages: 18 - 55.
Minimum educational requirement: High school.
Please do not fill a form if you are known to have pulmonary heart disease, infectious diseases, mental disorders, or other life-risking ailments. Please specify if you are diabetic.
3.The activity will be held on the first weekend of the months April till December each year. Size limit: 20-40 people.
4.After we have received your registration form, an interview will be arranged, then a notification letter will be sent.

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Terms & Conditions 1.The “Journey of the Heart” retreat will be held over...

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