If you want to discover the magic of theatre with your child, join the new family workshops in the Old Orangery. Workshop participants will acquire acting skills while having fun in the process.

The "Among Muses. Finding Inspiration!" workshops are intended for children aged 3-5 and their carers. The leading theme of the meetings will concern theatre as a meeting point of various fields of art. A combination of plot, acting, music and set design gives rise to a spectacle which keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

During the workshops, children will get a chance to experience the extraordinary atmosphere of theatre and gain acting skills. Instructors from Ognisko Teatralne (Theatre Meeting Point) of the Ochota Theatre and the Royal Łazienki educators including the theatre’s teachers, actors, musicians and storytellers will guide the children along the workshop. Among others, the programme will include music and dance classes.

The workshops will take place in the Royal Sculpture Gallery and in the historic 18th century Royal Theatre. Each meeting will have a patron – one of the Greek Muses living in the Old Orangery. The goddesses of art – known for their benevolent attitude – will inspire the children to undertake artistic endeavours and show them the nooks and crannies of the Old Orangery. The participants will employ the acquired knowledge and the new skills to prepare a mini-show, which will conclude the theatre workshops.

Dates of Workshops
5 March – Apollo and his Cortege: Theatrical Warm Up
2 April – Euterpe: Music and Singing
30 April – Terpsichore: Movement and Dance
7 May – Clio and Caliope: Myths and Stories
14 May – Thalia and Melpomene: Comedy and Tragedy
10 June – Among Muses: Finale

To participate in the workshops you need to buy a PLN 100 family pass for six workshops for the child and carer, or a single ticket (child plus carer) priced at PLN 20. Registration: 22 50 60 028 or rezerwacje@lazienki-krolewskie.pl