Eureka! The National Children’s Museum

Eureka! is the leading children’s museum in the UK and gives children aged 0-11 a fun-packed day out.

Young explorers don hard hats and head into Boulder Mountain transporting rocks and building pyramids. Break through a ginormous leaf and you’ll enter a giant garden where the flowers sing and the butterflies you paint fly off into the sky.

In our child sized town fill up your shopping trolley and it’s up to the cashier how much you pay. Rob the bank and crack the safe codes to find amazing treasures. Cook dinner in our child sized kitchen and drive off in a great big lorry.

Deep in Our Global Garden there’s a polar bear that needs saving and you can surf the waves to create power for a city. Walk into an enormous mouth and stick your head up a huge nose but ‘Achoo!’ watch out for those sneezes!

Exhibitions and events

Our Global Garden

Event until 25.07.2019 0:00

Children explore six ‘gardens’ from around the world: the Town, Jungle, Ocean, Country, Ice and Desert to find out what makes each environment so unique, what life is like in these places for the...

Sound Space

Event until 25.07.2019 0:00

Children help Orby the Alien understand and enjoy sound and music through a series of stateof-the-art hands-on exhibits and activities; content includes sources of sound and how they are detected,...

Living & Working Together

Event until 25.07.2019 0:00

Children can get behind the scenes in a life-sized House and Garage and take part in creative role play opportunities to discover how things work in the adult world. NC Links: Science, Geography,...

Desert Discovery

Event until 25.07.2019 0:00

A desert-themed environment offering babies and young children the opportunity to explore, build, create and communicate. Babies can explore their very own Baby Oasis, and young children can collect...


Event until 25.07.2019 0:00

A giant sensory sound garden provides an immersive environment for babies and young children to explore nature’s stage. Children can dress up and role play as garden animals in the Tree Trunk...

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