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All About Me has harnessed the very latest knowledge and techniques in playful learning to captivate, stimulate and challenge children in science, health and well-being. The gallery celebrates them as confident individuals who can live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. Multi-sensory, hands-on exhibits encourage them to explore how their body works and imaginative spaces and activities invite them to enjoy and understand how unique they are. What makes them unique, with opportunities for measuring their height, stride and reach; zooming in to see their skin close up; discovering what they might look like when they’re older and finding out more about the ‘stuff’ they’re made of. In Making Sense of My World, children will find out more about their fascinating brain and make sense of the senses by using their own. They can explore a giant blinking eye (who’s it following?), climb on the huge tongue (how tasty are they?) and look up a very surprising nose (watch out for the sneeze and the snot tanks!). In the role-play Health Centre they can take on the roles of a Dentist (teaching their patients how to brush their teeth), a Doctor (checking x-rays and scanning the body) and a Midwife (scanning the mum’s tum). Then report on the latest health news live from the TV Studio. In Move it, Shake it, children can follow the gurgling journey of food through the digestion system from the chew to the poo, discover how their body changes when they get active on the climbing wall and interactive pond, investigate nutritious diets at the picnic tables and create a tune from burps, sniffs, coughs and sneezes using sound beams. NC Links: Science, PSHE

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