Holy Trinity Monastery

Manastir Sveta Trojica

The Pljevlja Holy Trinity Monastery is located in the vicinity of the town centre, above the source of Breznica River.

It was mentioned for the first time in 1537, when patrons built the oldest part of the temple, the nave and the altar space, and in 1592 the narthex with a dome was added. The monastery church got its conical shape in 1875/76.

The Holy Trinity Church and its narthex were fresco-painted by Priest Strahinja from Budimlje between 1592 and 1595. The first zone depicts saints, the patrons and Nemanjić Dynasty, while the upper part depicts the images of Large Church Holidays and the Christ’s Suffering. The altarpiece was made in 1806/7 by the Priest Simeon Lazović Bjelopoljac.

The church’s treasury holds a valuable collection of icons, among which those made by the domestic icon painter Andrija Raičević, then the items of artistic crafts: chandeliers, chalices, censers, miniature carved crosses...

The church also holds one of the most beautiful examples of medieval embroidery – Teotim’s stole from 15th century.

The monastery library holds several copies of valuable illuminated manuscripts, some of which were made in the Monastery scriptorium, as well as rare copies of printed books, including a fragment of Trebnik (Ritual book) from the Crnojević printing house.

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