Museo Internacional del Barroco

The International Museum of the Baroque (Museo Internacional del Barroco in Spanish), in the city of Puebla, Mexico, was inaugurated on February 4, 2016 and houses outstanding expressions emanating from vast artistic and cultural heritage of the 17th and 18th centuries as it appeared in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The building was designed by the Japanese architect Toyo Ito (Pritzker Prize, 2013). The venue captures the multicultural sensibility that linked Mexico and especially Puebla with the most advanced manifestations of the visual arts, music, literature and science, during a period of universal expansion of trade and political structures. Additionally, the Museum captures the contemporary neo-baroque sensibility, as it reappears in the media, fashion and other artistic expressions.

The Museum has collaborated and displayed works both in its permanent galleries as well as in its temporary exhibitions from over one hundred collections –both public and private –across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Exhibitions and events

The Neobaroque Self. Puebla in the 21st century.

Temporary exhibition until 08.07.2018

Puebla, epicenter of Mexican Baroque sensibility, is moving towards the intense revitalization of its complex cultural identity. In daily life, the emotions, feelings and yearnings of Puebla’s...


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