Children's Museum of Thessaloniki

Exhibitions and events

There are two permanent exhibitions in Children's Museum of Thessaloniki: a. In a classroom of the past and b. The magic country made of toys

Permanent exhibition

The Children's Museum of Thessaloniki owns two large collections.  The first includes a set of school items and objects (plates, envelopes, ink cartridges, rocks, school bags, exercise books...

Educational programs

"My child learn how to write and learn"


In the traditional classroom of the Museum, visitors play, discover and know about the old school, teacher, student. They Interactively learn about  teaching through images, videos, experiential...

"Toys are alive":


The world of gaming journey starts for another year with new activities and experiences ... The museum's showcases  are open and games come alive ... First stop in the land of tin toys, play...

"Every toy has a material, every material has a story to tell"


What material do we use to make children's dreams and childhood memories? What stories would tell us Toys and children, if they could? Francois plays in the living room with the horse, Margaret in...

"Many trips, only one Europe''


Europe speaks many languages and has a lot to say! Educational museum program with games discovery on the map. Images and people, cultures so different yet so alike, mingle pleasantly in a search...

"The Museum reveals his Secrets ''


Important monuments of the Ancient World were recorded as masterpieces of their era. These great monuments and miracles have been marked because of their great architecture, their impeccable beauty,...

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