Museum - Gallery Kavadarci

Музеј - Галерија Кавадарци

Museum-gallery of Kavadarci is an institution of special social interest, which, besides operating activities: collecting, processing, preservation and presentation of museum material, deals with the gallery business.

Museum-gallery was founded in 1973 and the works began in 1976. It features a solid collection of more than 100 paintings, prints, sculptures and tapestries. The collection of paintings that are owned by the institution are represented in works by Peter Mazev, Gligor Chemerski, Lubomir Belogaski, Anna Temkova, Nikola Basnarkov, Simon Shemov, Jovan Josifovski and many others.

Museum-gallery from Kavadarci has a significant influence in the development of cultural life in Kavadarci, especially in enriching and affirming the art of the city.

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