M. Žilinskas Art Gallery

This modern gallery was opened in 1989 and is named after Mykolas Žilinskas (1904–1992) one the most famous Lithuanian art collectors of the 20th century.

The largest Lithuanian collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts is kept in the museum. It is also possible to see oil lamps as well as the Ancient Roman glass and coins in the collection. The antique collection of ceramics impresses by its diversity of forms, artistic black-figured and red-figured décor. The history of porcelain is introduced through the samples of Chinese and Japanese porcelain as well as those of the best known European porcelain manufactures. Here are also presented European fine art of the 16 th to the 20 th centuries. The works by many famous artists from countries that were leading in the development of  Western art, namely Italy, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Germany are represented here together with those from countries which formed their own identity through national schools, namely Austria, the USA, Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries. 

A tactile exposition The Museum for the Blind, which is opened on the ground floor of the gallery, provides an opportunity for blind people to get familiar with modern and contemporary art. Only original works of art are displayed in the exhibition. They include sculptures, painting, textile, graphics, glass, installations, and objects. 

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The exhibition „Memory Code: Legacy of the Tillmanns in Kaunas“

Temporary exhibition until 18.10.2019

The exhibition presents the legacy of a German-born businessman’s Kurt Tillmanns family. In 1906, by the invitation of his uncle Richard, he arrived in Kaunas together with his wife Mary and settled...


Temporary exhibition until 06.10.2019

In 1988 Antanas Sutkus started taking pictures of the Holocaust survivors meetings. Later, it grew into a unique series of portraits that witness the horrible events of war and post-war, crushing the...

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