Land of Hayracks

Dežela kozolcev

The Land of Hayracks is an innovative project of the Municipality of Šentrupert which connects the versatile value of hayrack heritage with the modern forms of tourism and economy. The municipality, local societies and companies, educational and scientific institutions as well as numerous individuals are involved in the project.

The Land of Hayracks comprises:

  • Open-air museum of hayracks which were transferred to the location from the broader Mirna Valley and restored according to conservation principles.
  • Cultural heritage preservation centre for scientific, expert and educational activities in the field of architectural heritage, particularly hayracks and other forms of intangible heritage.
  • “In situ” network of preserved wooden buildings and structures from the Mirna Valley, which connects the architectural heritage preserved in the original environment into a comprehensive presentation of economic and cultural life and enhancement of tourism offer of Dolenjska as well as Slovenia.

The Municipality of Šentrupert with the comprehensive presentation of the Land of Hayracks emphasises the importance of conservation and protection of natural and cultural heritage and promotes sensible use of wood for economic purposes.

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