Zasavje Museum

Zasavski muzej Trbovlje

The Zasavje Museum of Trbovlje is a general new history museum for the municipalities of Trbovlje, Hrastnik and Zagorje. Although its collections differ significantly, they all share the common background – mining.

Trbovlje (central building) presents a general overview of the region development (14 themes) and two visual art collections: Stojan Batič – “The Mining Cycle and Explosion” and Leopold Hočevar – collected works.

The mining colony nearby hosts two authentic miner’s dwellings from two different periods (1920’s and 1960’s). Visitors can also participate in guided tours through mining colonies.

Hrastnik houses a two-storey exhibition “Signs along the Path” presenting all aspects of the region development – from the archaeology to present days, with two broader installations (the educational system in Zasavje and the World War 2). The tall attic houses an exhibition called “Puppets and Puppeteers”, with a special section related to toys and named “Toying about”.

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