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The Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide is one of the world's leading and most extensive archives on the Holocaust and Nazi era. The Library's unique collection of over one million items includes published and unpublished works, press cuttings, photographs and eyewitness testimony. It provides a resource to oppose antisemitism and other forms of prejudice and racism.

The Wiener Library has been collecting material related to the Holocaust, its causes and legacies since 1933. Our holdings contain approximately 65,000 books and pamphlets, 2,000 document collections, over 17,000 photographs, and over 3,000 titles of periodicals, as well as audio-visual testimonies, press cuttings, posters and some objects.

The Wiener Library has an active Learning and Outreach programme for the public, for schools, for students and for scholars. The work of our Learning team is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Exhibitions and events

SHATTERED: Pogrom, November 1938

Event until 15.02.2019 17:00

Thousands of Jewish women, men and children brutalised. 25,000 Jewish men deported to concentration camps. Over 1,200 synagogues desecrated. Thousands of Jewish businesses and homes looted and...

Roundtable: 100,000 Lost: Child Victims of the Holocaust in Hungary

Event on 22.10.2018 18:00

Every tenth victim of the Holocaust was a Hungarian citizen, a victim group constituting half a million people. Among them, more than one hundred thousand were children and teenagers. Most of their...

Encounters with Albion: Britain and the British in Texts by Jewish Refugees from Nazism

Event on 31.10.2018 18:30

While much has been written about British attitudes to the Jewish refugees from Hitler who fled to this country after 1933, little attention has been paid to the ways in which those refugees...

Medical Globetrotters and Persevering Women From Galicia

Event on 01.11.2018 18:30

Over centuries, Jewish medical practitioners faced contrasting attitudes of their brethren or society at large: from being admired to looked upon with a deep suspicion. Starting in the 16th century,...

‘Austria is Lost’: British and Austrian Diplomats and their Experience of Anschluß

Event on 06.11.2018 15:00

On 12 March 1938, the Third Reich began erasing a country that lay in the heart of Europe from the map. Early that morning, in advance of a plebiscite on Austrian independence, the German Wehrmacht...

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