St. George’s Church

Chiesa di San Giorgio

St. George's Church is a church located in San Giorgio in Portofino. According to a plaque inside the church, the building was erected in Romanesque style in 1154, although further excavations - made ​​in the reconstruction after the Second World War - have allowed the discovery of an ancient square chapel dating back perhaps to time of the Lombards in Liguria when operating the monks of St. Columba. The structure was revised and modified in 1691 and simultaneously the road was widened (Salita San Giorgio) which allows reaching the church from the main square of the village. Further renovation and expansion was carried out in 1760. During the Second World War the church was destroyed entirely by a bomb dropped from an aircraft. The reconstruction work took place shortly after the end of the war, in 1950, and the new altars and fixtures were built, according to the ancient structure of 1760. Inside the relics of Saint George, patron saint of Portofino, are kept, brought by sailors returning from the Crusades.
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