Little Urban Farm

The Farm provides children an opportunity to experience the critical ingredient that makes agriculture and husbandry viable: the element of human work. We step into what Nature provides and give our work to it. Our work harnesses the processes that encourage growth and stewards the plants and animals to provide for our needs as food sources. Without work, what ‘grows’ is wilderness, with some provision for our needs. Farming and agriculture concentrate production to feed the billions of people who now live on our planet. The garden grows vegetables, the orchard grows fruits, the grain fields grow wheat and corn: but they only do so after the work of planting, feeding, and harvesting organizes those processes. The animals provide foods for us, meats and eggs and dairy products: but only after the work of husbanding, caring, and processing organizes these foods for us. By the end of the Farm experience, children have participated in the process of giving their work to yield food products. They then sort out their products – the vegetables, fruits, grains, and animal products – in baskets to be carried by trucks from farm to market, where we ‘city people’ finally encounter them, after a great deal of work has been invested.
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