Simply Beastly! Fun with Dino, Panda & Co.

A hands-on exhibition for the whole family.

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Exhibitions and events

Worlds of Music

Permanent exhibition

The exhibition “Worlds of Music“ introduces music as a human phenomenon. Music instruments from all over the world and different epochs showcase the links between sound and nature, humans, spirits...

Buried History

Permanent exhibition

Visitors embark on a thrilling journey through time that with a display of exceptional original finds takes them from the Stone Age via the Bronze and Iron Age up to the Roman Era and into the early...

Mummies – Secrets of Life

Temporary exhibition at Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen until 31.03.2019

It was a sensation when, in 2004, twenty mummies that were believed to have been lost were rediscovered in the depots of Mannheim's Reiss-Engelhorn museums. Together with numerous other mummies from...

Jan Banning: RED UTOPIA - Communism 100 years after the Russian Revolution

Temporary exhibition at Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen until 13.01.2019

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