Sarajevo, Amphitheater of Memories

Solo exhibition of works by painter and sculptor Eduardo Cordoba Oronoz. With this exhibition artist aims to honour the greatness of cultural resistance of individuals and civil society.

In the words of the artist, Sarajevo is the scene where life is happening despite everything and thanks to everything. As time passes, it restores itself of its tragic events, occasionally facing with contradictions and injustices of the Western model of society.

Exhibitions and events

Intimacies of Space

Permanent exhibition

Every work of art, unless commissioned, originated from the intimate needs of an artists. Regardless whether it is about a landscape, still life, a scene from the life or any other motif, the artist...

Franjo Likar

Temporary exhibition at National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina until 09.12.2017

Franjo Likar is one of the most important artists of contemporary BH art. He is actively working and exhibiting for many years, and this year he will exhibit his new art works at the National...

Fra Mirko Ćosić: Painting of Peace and Aspiration to Achieve Real

Guest exhibition at National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina until 03.12.2017

The exhibition of works by Fra Mirko Ćosić (Buhovo, 1903 – Mostar, 1967), first graduated Franciscan painter from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The exhibition „Painting of Peace and Aspiration to Achieve...

Activities from this museum

School Programme

"School programme" is a project initiated by the National Gallery of...

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