From the High Middle Ages to the Renaissance In the High Middle Ages religious art prevailed that spread through the Slovenian lands first from monasteries and then from major regional centres, particularly, Gorizia, Villach and Ljubljana. Gothic art persisted even after the dawn of the Renaissance, but in the 16th century artistic production almost came to a standstill due to Turkish invasions, peasant uprisings and Protestantism which was averse to the fine arts.  The leading position...
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-: Virgin and Child

-: Madonna and Child, “Solčava Madonna”

-: Madonna on the Throne of Solomon, "The Krakovo...

-: Madonna's Death

-: Standing Virgin and Child

-: St Giles

-: St Paul

-: St John the Evangelist

-: St Peter

-: St John the Baptist

-: Madonna with Christ Child Blessing, (The Hoče...

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