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Ashanti gold weight in the shape of a "tower"

sherd, rim ; jar

elbaite-lepidolite-quartz rock

Design for a fireplace, for R. Wylie Hill, 3...

sestertius Roman Imperial

denarius Roman Imperial

dupondius/as Roman Imperial

?*Cheirolepis* sp.;

ISSU C of S 18c 1756 Lundie & Fowlis ; Angus...


Sponge spicules,

ISSU C of S 19c=20c Holywood ; Dumfries Scotland

silver dessert fork

denarius Roman Imperial

*Carabus cupreus* Linnaeus. (= *Pterostichus...

ISSU Free C of S 19c 1893 Southend-arran ;...

"Green and Silver: The Great Sea" July -...

Ashanti gold weight with geometric design

*Limax cineroniger* wax model of two animals

serpentine marble; "precious serpentine" oval...

denarius Roman Imperial

*Unident* Un

dupondius/as Roman Imperial

Moccasins (pair)

*Cicindela germanica* Linnaeus. Un

cordierite; deep blue, with pink and grey...

*Unident* Un

'(Typus) Coelenterata (Hohlthiere), (Classe)...

playing counter x 5

*Cheiracanthus murchisoni* Agassiz; complete

aureus Roman Imperial

*unident* Un

as Roman Imperial

ISSU various 16c=18c Clare ; Down Ireland

mugearite, porphyritic, with abundant large...

'Lovers in a barrel' from volume "Mezzotintoes by...

denarius Roman Imperial

serpentine marble; "precious serpentine" oval...

Cheval mirror, for the bedroom, 120 Mains Street,...

"The Amorous Nymph and the Satyr" c1620

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