IX Seminar on International Museum Day: Museums as cultural hubs: The future of tradition.

Museums are cultural hubs, meeting places where the heritage tradition is projected into the future for use by future generations. This course aims to be a meeting point for professionals from different disciplines who, from within and outside the academic world and museums, contribute their reflections on the knowledge of Museology and Heritage. We want to combine the experience with the voices of those who begin their career.

Seminar Venue: Museo Salzillo (Murcia, Spain)

DATE: May 9 to 10, 2019.


Museo Salzillo

University of Murcia. Department of Art History.

Research Group: Cataloging. Sculpture and Architecture

Project Hispanofilia IV. Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness



Concepción de la Peña Velasco

María Teresa Marín Torres



Antonio Jiménez Micol, Museo Salzillo

Paola Riaza Díaz, Museo Salzillo

Blanca Rodríguez Hernández, Museo Salzillo

Susana Ruiz López, Museo Salzillo



Thursday, May 9th 2019



9.00 h: Reception.

9.30 h: Opening Session:

Miriam Guardiola Salmerón, Minister of Tourism and Culture, the Autonomous Comunity of the Region of Murcia

Antonio Gómez Fayrén, President of Cofradía de Jesús

María Teresa Marín Torres, Director of Museo Salzillo

Concepción de la Peña Velasco, University of Murcia


  • 9:45 h: Opening conference: The attraction of visitors and the success of museums: consumer and marketing of museums. Salvador Ruiz de Maya, University of Murcia
  • 10.30 h: The San Esteban site (Murcia) and the future of the past in historic cities. Jorge A. Eiroa Rodríguez, University of Murcia
  • 11.00 h: Strategies for local development: museums of popular culture. Gregorio Canales, University of Alicante
  • 11.30 h: Botanical Anachronisms in the traditional cribs of Murcia. Pilar Torrente and Pedro Sánchez Gómez, University of Murcia


  • Debate


  • 12.30 h: The values ​​of a hydraulic heritage and its contribution to sustainable development: la Huerta de Murcia. María Dolores Ponce Sánchez, University of Murcia
  • 13.00 h: Public communication in museums. Live the creativity. Ignacio de Lara Carbajal, Marketing and Communication Consultant.
  • 13.30 h: Musealisazed pharmacies, reflection of a missing office: The Apothecary. María Dolores Olmo Fernández Delgado, PhD in Art History, Researcher


  • Debate

· 16.00 h: A museum for the festivity of the baroque Corpus Christi in Murcia. Rafael Sánchez Martínez, University of Murcia
· 16.30 h: Tradition and present in the recreation of a Franco-Flemish harpsichord. Juan Miguel González, University of Murcia
· 5:00 h: The History and Management of a Change. A teaching of inclusive history. Jorge Ortuño Molina, University of Murcia
· 5:30 h: The Museum as a Camera Obscura. Mercedes Replinger, Complutense University of Madrid 

· Debate 

· 6:30 h: Challenges in the musealization of the archaeological heritage of the Region of Murcia: the origins of Christianity. Jaime Vizcaíno Sánchez, University of Murcia
· 7:00 h: The fragility of the Intangible Heritage and the measures to safeguard it in the Region of Murcia. María Ángeles Muñoz Cosme, Researcher
· 7.30 h: The contemporary memorial: past and forgotten. Elena Escribano Gonzálvez, Doctor in History, researcher
· 8.00 h: The exhibitions of silverware in Murcia. Ignacio J. García Zapata, University of Murcia
· 8:30 h: Photogrammetry for the digitization of heritage: the Christ of the Blood. Rafael Melendreras Ruiz, Catholic University of Murcia 
· Debate 

Friday, May 10th  2019 


· 9.00 h: Museo de las Siete Chimeneas or the Vegetable Conservation and Customs, in Ceutí. Pedro Enrique Collado Espejo, Polytechnic University of Cartagena
· 9:45 h: Between the everyday and the festive: the life of Murcia in the eighteenth century. Elena Martínez Alcázar, PhD in History of Art, City of Cartagena
· 10.15 h: The historic city as a cultural resource. Its dissemination and interpretation. David Navarro Moreno, Polytechnic University of Cartagena
· 10.45 h: The penultimate trip of El Guernica. Juan Francisco Cerón, University of Murcia· Debate
. 11.30 h: Alan Lomax, after the track of the murcian aurora. María Luján Ortega, Library, University of Murcia· . 12.00 h: The cultural and economic revitalization through the temporary exhibition: the case of'ATémpora: 6,000 years of pottery from Castilla-La Mancha. Fernando González Moreno, University of Castilla-La Mancha
. 12.30 h: The connection between museums and interpretation centers: the future of the cultural tradition in rural areas. Alejandro Jaquero Esparcia, University of Castilla-La Mancha
· 13.30 h: The Museum facing an intercultural reality. Arianna Giorgi, University of Murcia 

· Debate 


· 16 h: Religious Sculpture after the Civil War in the Region of Murcia. Antonio Zambudio Moreno, National University of Distance Education
· 16.30 h: How to integrate the university heritage in everyday experience: The Complutense Interpretation Center of the University City of Madrid (CCIDECUM). María Isabel Lemos, CCIDECUM Scholar. Complutense University of Madrid
· 17 h: The aesthetics in the traditional dress of Murcia: evolution and transformations. José Miguel López Castillo, University of Murcia

 · Debate 

· 18 h: Knowing our past through our museums. Didactic experiences in the Santa Clara Museum of Murcia. Julia Rabadán, University of Murcia and Museum of Santa Clara
· 18.30 h: The Countess of Vilches. The woman behind the painting. Consuelo Pascual del Riquelme, PhD student University of Murcia
· 19 h: The Book of the Truth of José Esteve Bonet: written testimony of an artist, Marina Belso Delgado, Researcher
· 19.30 h: Traditions, Identities and Visual Arts: Isabel II and the Customs Gallery project for the Royal Palace of Madrid. Álvaro Cánovas Moreno, PhD student Autonomous University of Madrid
· 20.00 h: Patrimonial meanings for risk management. Sergio Boj Bri, Doctor of Fine Arts, Researcher 

· Debate 

· Closing and delivery of diplomas


INSCRIPTION:Free course. Maximum 25 people, by strict order of registration. A certificate of participation will be issued by Museo Salzillo.Registration deadline: from April 24th  to May 7th .Duration: 20 hours
By email to museosalzillo@museosalzillo.es (name, surnames and DNI). 
For more information: Phone 968 291 893 or in the aforementioned email.

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IX Seminar on International Museum Day: Museums as cultural hubs: The future of tradition.

Museums are cultural hubs, meeting places where the heritage tradition is...



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