Third Grade History Program

The Township of Ocean Historical Museum has, since 1985, been providing instruction on the local history of the Township of Ocean, as part of the local history program to 3rd Grade classes within the Township. Each class in the District comes to the Museum for the morning to learn about local history, and how the Eden Woolley House is a part of that history.

Each student learns the story of the Eden Woolley House, through the daughters of Eden Woolley. They are also, brought through the Our Town Gallery, to learn about the story of each of the sections of the Township of Ocean, with a focus on the area that they are from, to make it more interesting to the children. Finally, in the Hearth and Home Gallery, they learn about how life has changed in the hundreds of years since the Woolley’s originally settled in this area.

Since beginning this program, thousands of students in the Township of Ocean schools have been through the program, originally at the Old Oakhurst School, and since 2009-2010, at the Eden Woolley House. The Museum conducts the lessons with the help of volunteers who teach the classes.

Exhibitions and events from this museum

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The Permanent Exhibits in the Our Town Gallery

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Activities from this museum

Third Grade History Program

The Township of Ocean Historical Museum has, since 1985, been providing...

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