At INMR, we have two museums outreach categories;
1-Museums in schools, and
2-Holidays in museums.


Established in 2012 at the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda-INMR to conserve, interpret Rwanda’s cultural and natural national heritage through research collections and documentation and outreach/ community archaeology.

Rwanda Museum's outreach program is designed to promote high cultural impact early learning experiences for children. At INMR, we take cognisence of our role in the community going beyond opening doors to visitors. Special educational outreach programs help the youth to think outside the classroom box. The Research department offers a variety of exciting in-depth historical evidences to boost on the existing literature.

This indeed has impacted and enhanced on learning curricular through enjoyments and entertainments. At present, the age of silent museum is gone and we should reflect on the mode of our modern society by going an extra mile to cover a wider public. To make up for this decline in school visits, Rwanda museums are taking their lessons to classrooms through “Museums in schools” and “Holidays in museums” to fully engage with students. This re-thinking of museum study has integrated students and local communities to become more curious in picking interest and desire to visit or be visited by museums.


At the center and heart of the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda-INMR is a Research and outreach program. The latter aims at reaching out to young people; the children and students, be it in schools or local communities.

The outreach program runs interactive activities unique to children’s interests in a child friendly environment offering them an opportunity to value and appreciate their cultural heritage. At INMR, we envision the youth getting actively involved in museums and conservation of cultural heritage. The role played by the youth in societies they live in, is part of INMR’s collective efforts to give them a voice in museums. Special educational and cultural programs should be developed for them and they should be allowed to be involved in discussing and implementing programs that are made for them, as they do have ideas that will enhance and promote such programs if given priority to contribute and speak out.  



One of the effective ways of ensuring that the interests of youth are given consideration in the Museum was to establish a special holiday camp program for them in one of INMR’s branches. Through this, we are able to bring enthusiasm into our museums, bring some warmth and excitement in our Museums and the country at large.

Holidays in museums is organized each year specifically for students during the long holidays of December. The Institute of National Museums of Rwanda invites students to spend at least two weeks learning more about Rwandan history and cultural values. Students get trained in cultural activities that cross cuts traditional as well as modernity. These include among others; Traditional dances and games like “imihamirizo”, “imishayayo”, high jump, “kumasha”, “guhamya intego”, “igisoro”, Fashion in traditional costumes, Basics techniques on composing a poem  ,Basic techniques in Art; Drumming;  just to mention a few.

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At INMR, we have two museums outreach categories; 1-Museums in schools, and...

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