Local people have used these caves, for living and conducting of religious ceremonies by expanding the existing and chopping the new ones. The composition of the rocks consists of petrified sandy rocks. The ceiling of the building has been smoked in order to increase the wall strength of the caves. Some of the caves are square–shaped. The ceilings are dome–shaped. The caves distinctive with small size, sculpted for living, with lower height consist of one and few rooms and have single bed and chapel. Each cave has the entrance and loophole–shaped windows. Some of the cells are provided with general entrance. There are nested links between separate cells carved on the top of each other. A bed, niches and fire place in hollows that makes available the fascinating panorama of Jeyranchol inform us about the standards and life style of ascetics that have lived here. Though caves are partially destroyed, it exists for thousand years and after us several generations will see them.
Exhibition author | Musa Mursaguliev |

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