[Virtual UMAG] Eileen Chang at the University of Hong Kong: An Online presentation of images and documents from the archives

Eileen Chang at the University of Hong Kong: An Online Presentation of Images and Documents from the Archives pays tribute to Eileen Chang (1920–1995), a major twentieth–century writer and one of the most illustrious alumni in the history of the University of Hong Kong, on the occasion of the centennial celebration of her birth. With this collection of images and documents selected largely from the HKU Archives, we hope to identify new materials and help generate fresh scholarship in the burgeoning global Eileen Chang studies.

By piecing together a narrative that highlights the beginning of an extraordinary literary career, we celebrate Chang’s connection with the University of Hong Kong and the larger community. Drawing from previously unseen materials from the HKU Archives and other public and private collections, this exhibition seeks to redefine Chang’s solitary experiment as an important chapter in our collective knowledge of global Chinese and global English studies. The narrative that emerges from these images and documents in this online presentation marks only the beginning, as a physical exhibition at the historic Fung Ping Shan Building will be unveiled soon. This online exhibition is jointly presented by University Museum and art Gallery, Faculty of Arts and Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong.

Introduced by Nicole Huang | Curated by Nicole Huang, Florian Knothe and Kenneth Chan

Find out more here: https://www.virtual.umag.hku.hk/eileenchang100
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