Attica Wine Trail

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Greece is the birthplace of Dionysus, the god of wine. The history of wine tradition in Greece and especially Attica dates thousands of years. Athens has a strong ally in wine making: its climate, that’s why wine and grapes were always considered to be among Athens’ most important products.

Τaste a part of the rich viticultural and winemaking tradition in Attica through the Wine Trail in some of the most important wineries in the region: Roxani Matsa Winery , Papagiannakos Domain, KATOGI Strofilia, Greek Wine Cellars, Domaine Vassiliou & Nemeion Estate, Domaine Costa Lazaridi ,Mylonas Winery.

Wineries that use their traditional know-how but they keep experimenting, using the modern technology, in order to enhance the wine production and maintain Attica in a fine position in the international wine map.

Read about their history and learn about the varieties. Take a glimpse at the premises and the vineyards and feel the euphoria that gives the magical world of wine!

The Attica Wine Trail was created by PostScriptum under the Europeana Food and Drink Project with the contribution of the wineries and the support of EDOAO.

By: George Zongolopoulos Foundation

7 trail steps

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    Oenotria Land Costa...

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    Roxani Matsa Estate

  • Step 3

    Domaine Papagiannakos

  • Step 4

    Domaine Vassiliou

  • Step 5

    Greek Wine Cellars, D....

  • Step 6

    Mylonas Winery

  • Step 7

    KATOGI Strofilia