Games Lounge

Permanent exhibition

Play your way through classic games, from Pac-Man to Super Mario Kart. Learn about the history of videogaming. Discover the story behind a global phenomenon.

Experience TV

Permanent exhibition

Explore the development, significance and cultural impact of one of the most influential inventions of the 20th century: television. Why do we have adverts on TV, and how much are we influenced by...

The Forgotten Showman

Temporary exhibition until 21.02.2021

Discover how Robert Paul, the forgotten pioneer of cinematography, invented British cinema. The year is 1894—a time of competition and innovation. Young engineer Robert Paul is sitting in his...

Wonderlab Live

Temporary exhibition until 24.01.2021

Come and think like a scientist at Wonderlab Live! See live demos and discover new adventures in the science of light and sound. Inspired by our ever-popular Wonderlab gallery, Wonderlab Live ...

October Half Term

Temporary exhibition from 24.10.2020

Get the most out of the school holidays with interactive activities and mind-blowing IMAX cinema in Bradford. Join us this October half term for a journey of exploration and discovery. Enjoy the...

Bradford Science Festival 2020

Temporary exhibition from 24.10.2020

Bradford Science Festival is a week of surprising science and fascinating fun at the museum and online. As well as shows and activities at the museum, we’ll also be offering online resources,...