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Museum Wattens

The Tales of Wattens – Industrial and Everyday History

What defines home? Is Wattens home? What does living and working here involve? The Museum Wattens recounts the evolution and development of the village. Special emphasis is laid on the transition period around 1900.

In spite of its name the venue must not be mistaken for a traditional museum. Driven by local history the Museum Wattens fuels the village like a cultural power plant. The effortless blend of industrial history and everyday history interrelates local biographies and establishes a sense of identity. Unexpected vantage points lay the foundations for shared new visions.

Welcome to the Museum Wattens, welcome to the Wattens heartland.


The Museum Wattens presents itself in German. A printed visitor’s guide is available in English. On request we offer guided tours in English or other languages. Please feel free to contact us.

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