Firepower - The Royal Artillery Museum

Firepower, The Royal Artillery Museum, tells the story of the men and women - more than two million of them - who have served as Gunners in the Royal Regiment of Artillery since it was founded.

The Royal Artillery Museum has been open to the public in Woolwich since 4 May 1820, a record we believe to be unrivalled by any other military museum.

In May 2001 the collection of artillery was moved to new premises within the gates of the Royal Arsenal and opened under the new name of Firepower, The Royal Artillery Museum. The Museum had returned to the original home of the Regiment and indeed of the collection. The collection was founded in 1778 at the Royal Arsenal by Captain (later Lieutenant General Sir) William Congreve.

Firepower, the Royal Artillery Museum in Woolwich tells the powerful and dramatic story of artillery, scientific discoveries made through warfare and human stories of courage and endeavour. The ‘ground shaking’ Field of Fire audio-visual show puts you in the midst of battle as shells whiz overhead and guns roar.

The Royal Arsenal was one of the most important centres in the world for munitions manufacture and until recently was a well kept secret from the public. Many of the guns and carriages on display were made in the Arsenal, making it a significant part of the local heritage. Together with a world class collection of artillery and associated weapons, uniforms, drawings, displays of diaries and medals bring together some 700 years of world artillery history.

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